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Aaron Guantong Li R.Ac (李冠通)
Nick Name: Lucky


Acupuncture runs deep in my family, thus I been an apprentice of Traditional Chinese Medicine as long as I can remember. I have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine 2007 while attending The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. My primary study in The University of Michigan was Economics, however I took many medical related courses. While attending the University of Michigan, I founded the Michigan Alternative Medicine Club, where we provided resources such as hosting seminars for students to get insights on healthy living from renowned holistic health practitioners in the Southeast Michigan Area. 

Upon graduating from The University of Michigan, I obtained certification in acupuncture from The China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences - Beijing 2009. During my in-depth studies at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, I had the privilege of shadowing China's leading acupuncturist Dr. Hu Guang, the primary researcher of Tung's Extraordinary Points (董氏奇穴). I assisted in Dr. Hu Guang's CT Scan Research in human brain's endorphin activities responding to various Extraordinary Acupuncture Points. I have inherited many valuable treatment protocols for easing symptoms of various diseases which are proven to work with acupuncture and they include: 

Stress, Allergies, Sinus Congestion, Depression, Infertility, Asthma, Trouble Sleeping, Irritable Bowel, Smoking cessation, fatigue, headaches, migraines. 

I have advanced treatment for chronic pain using the Tung's points or Balance Method Acupuncture Treatment Protocols, that could relief your pain instantly. I am dedicated to treating you and your family and getting rid of your acute and chronic pain. Chronic pains include but not limited to: feelings of numbing, tingling, burning, cold, hallow, stingy in any skeletal-muscular area of body.

I've been in practice for over nine years, also trained by the very best in China whom I still have close contact with through e-mail. Click Here to find out more about my style of acupuncture and teachers.

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