About Us

About Our Founder

Aaron ``Lucky`` Li, R.Ac. OMD

The practice of acupuncture runs deep in Aaron “Lucky” Li’s family, practically making him an apprentice of Traditional Chinese Medicine since birth. Lucky began practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007 while attending The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Although he was pursuing a degree in Economics, his interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine spurred him to took many medical related courses. While attending U of M, Lucky founded the Michigan Alternative Medicine Club, a student group that hosted educational events focused on healthy living from renowned holistic health practitioners in the Southeast Michigan Area.

Upon graduating from The University of Michigan, Lucky obtained certification in acupuncture from The China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences – Beijing 2009. During these in-depth studies at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, he had the privilege of shadowing China’s leading acupuncturist Dr. Hu Guang, the primary researcher of Tung’s Extraordinary Points (董氏奇穴). He assisted in Dr. Hu Guang’s CT Scan Research in human brain’s endorphin activities responding to various Extraordinary Acupuncture Points. He have inherited many valuable treatment protocols for easing symptoms of various diseases which are proven to work with acupuncture and they include:

Stress, Allergies, Sinus Congestion, Depression, Infertility, Asthma, Trouble Sleeping, Irritable Bowel, Smoking cessation, fatigue, headaches, migraines.

Lucky has done advanced treatment for chronic pain using the Tung’s points or Balance Method Acupuncture Treatment Protocols, that could relief your pain instantly. I am dedicated to treating you and your family and getting rid of your acute and chronic pain. Chronic pains include but not limited to: feelings of numbing, tingling, burning, cold, hallow, stingy in any skeletal-muscular area of body.

I’ve been in practice for over nine years, also trained by the very best in China whom I still have close contact with through e-mail. Click Here to find out more about my style of acupuncture and teachers.

Hours of Operation
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 2:30 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm

The Acupuncture Process

Appointments at Livonia Acupuncture are relaxing and rejuvenating! You begin your acupuncture treatment by sitting in one of our comfortable recliners located in the Healing Room {link}. The soothing lights and sounds of the space, as well as the warm and friendly clinic staff will begin working immediately to put you at ease. You will be asked to roll up your sleeves and your pant legs, exposing your lower forearms and legs below the knees. At Livonia Acupuncture, you will never be asked to get undressed or be exposed at any point. One of our highly-trained acupuncturists will then insert thin, sterile, one-time-use disposable acupuncture needles in specific points on your legs, arms, head or ears. The acupuncture needles are then left in place for approximately 30 minutes. You can expect to be in our office for 45- 50 min each treatment.

When the needles are inserted you may feel a “spark” sensation, however this is not generally painful. Similar to when you turn on a light switch, there’s a little electric spark that ignites the electricity to turn on the light bulb.  Acupuncture is attempting to do much the same thing, contacting the nerve to “turn on” your blood circulation. The spark sensation can feel like numbness, tingling, aching, heaviness, or stinging. The spark sensation usually lasts a few seconds and then goes away.

Acupuncture will normally cause people to feel sleepy during the time of treatment. In our treatment space you’ll find family, friends, and neighbors relaxing and sometimes literally napping together as they work towards common goals of better health, less pain, and relief from stress! ​

The Healing Room

Why healing is better together –

If you are looking for a natural alternative to institutional medicine, acupuncture offers a safer choice, backed by 5,000 years of research in documented cases. Your treatment plan is custom tailored to your individual needs, addressing exactly what ails you. ​

​Healing Energy will be stronger when we come together. Acupuncture is rooted in the healing power of synergy. The vessel of this process is the Acu-Nap. Your first experience with the healing power of Acupuncture will be the speed at which you drift into the Acu-Nap. A relaxing full body reboot that is meant to kick-start recovery from the constant dynamic mental and physical stresses of a work week, home life, or increasingly busy schedule.

During an Acu-Nap is when your body awakens the start of the self-healing mechanism. ​ Chinese medicine and Acupuncture uses individualized diagnosis to determine your current body state. Utilizing acupuncture needles to redirect the energy flow throughout your body promoting a harmonious flow. For those of you who work long hours and never gets a break, you may come in for stress and tension and leave feeling relaxed followed by a good night sleep. For those of you who always feel chronic fatigue, you may come in to strengthen your immunity and boost your energy and leave feeling energetic. This is when you feel the balance and harmony with the world. Acupuncture is deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy of balance and harmony, Yin and Yang, both from within us and without. Therefore bringing people together healing energy from each person magnifies the treatment and makes it even better!

Giving Back

New Hope Center for Grief Support

Livonia Acupuncture is a proud Silver Level sponsor of New Hope Center for Grief Support since 2018. New Hope Center for Grief Support is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and new beginnings to adults and children grieving the death of a loved one. Located in Northville, Michigan, they offer age and loss specific workshops, seminars, peer support groups and social events for those who’ve experienced all types of losses.

Worldwide Healthcare

Aaron Li of Livonia Acupunture assisted in establishing Worldwide Healthcare Initiative and continues to mentor others on upcoming trips. Worldwide Healthcare Initiative- WHI travels to rural areas of the world to provide healthcare to those who needs a hand. From medical students to seasoned professionals WHI provides an opportunity to learn while giving back.

Doctors Without Borders

Livonia Acupuncture proudly sponsors monthly donations of supplies to Doctors Without Borders. Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without Borders was founded in 1971 to expand accessibility to medical care across national boundaries and disregarding of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. To that end, the organization emphasizes “independence and impartiality”, and explicitly precludes political, economic, or religious factors in its decision making.