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Dream Disturbed Sleep


Dream Disturbed Sleep or nightmares, most commonly accompany sleep deprivation. It is in some cases worsened by the long-term dependency on sedatives used through pills. Nightmares are caused by the brain not going in to deep sleep. It is a state a nervousness in the gap between awake and asleep. Many modern researches have showed positive effects of acupuncture improving sleep to a deeper level therefore resolving nightmares.

But, what is causing lack of sleep? Let us compare Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine theories for the underlying reasons.

Most common cause for the sleep disturbance according to western medicine is stress. In addition to that, a medical condition and excessive coffee intake can lead to these symptoms. 

In order to come out of the phase of sleeplessness, there is a need to transition into a more sound and deeper resting state. Acupuncture can also alleviate the stress which brings to mind to ease and deeper sleep. 

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